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**Dusters is a game in early development. You will encounter bugs!

We are keen to get your feedback and comments so that we can improve the game!

Thanks for reading!

In a post apocalyptic wasteland, sentient machines have taken over the earth. Humanity survives hidden in the blasted ruins of civilization , scavenging to survive.

Dusters is developed in Gamemaker Studio for Windows OS.


Base Building and Management - Design your own underground base. Build Dormitories, Armouries and Research Labs.

Crafting - Resources you collect in battle are used at home base to craft new weapons, items and buildings to take the fight back to the machines!

Persistent Battles - Fight the enemy sector by sector for control of the map.

Custom Vehicles - From base vehicle chassis you can customize any fit of weapons, engines, armor and special weapons to fit your play style!

Real Time Combat - Fight underground on-foot, and on the surface in customized vehicles!

Special Weapons - Fit special attack items to your vehicles to unleash massive destruction, slip away stealthily or setup a devastating ambush!

Infiltrate - Infiltrate enemy installations on foot, but watch out for assimilated former members of the human race!

Ambush - Create ambushes for enemy cargo ships, destroy them and escape before reinforcements can arrive!

Assault - Take back captured sectors by wiping out enemy structures, but be careful, the machines will send massive walker bots to capture new sectors!

Respond - The dynamic battlefield will challenge you, can you ignore a convoy of many captured people in exchange for recovering a single valuable scientist or general? You decide!

Dusters is being developed by a single, sleep-deprived man based in Edinburgh, Scotland.

I'm a one man development team, so the most obvious risk to development is if I cross the road without looking, or try to make toast in the bath.

However - being a one man team has strengths too - I don't need to run anything by a publisher or a team. I can take great suggestions and ideas and run with them. If I want to stay awake for 24 hours to finish a feature I can - as long as the coffee doesn't run out.

If you got this far, then thanks so much for reading, I look forward to reading and responding to your comments.

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Published1 year ago
StatusIn development
Tags2D, Action RPG, Real-Time
Player countSingleplayer

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